Boston University School of Education Hosts Annual Spring Institute: Educating For Justice

Contact: Erin Whipple, 617-358-1688 |

Boston – The Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character at Boston University’s School of Education is hosting its annual Spring Institute, April 28-29. This year’s program, Educating for Justice, offers educators and students the opportunity to engage in exploration and discussion about the concept of justice.

Presentations by esteemed scholars, including deans and professors from across Boston University, will shed light on philosophical and practical principles. In some sessions, case studies will be offered, while in others the scholars will impart strategies for helping students internalize the virtue of justice. Participants will come away with a deeper understanding what it means to strive for and model right action.

“In our imperfect world we every day encounter some form of injustice—whether it be to ourselves or our loved ones, to those within our communities, or to our compatriots and others who inhabit this world,” said Dr. Bernice Lerner, Director of Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character. “Our moral challenge is to seek a just response to events, to strive toward that natural and ideal way that in however small a measure rectifies imbalance. And we educators must show our students that they, too, can choose to develop just habits of mind and heart.”

Nine plenary sessions will feature the following topics: When There is Justice in Disobedience; Mad, Bad, or Evil: Healing Through Killing – the Nazi Doctors and Justice at Nuremberg; Educating as Justice; Actions Speak Louder Than Words; The Allegory of the Cave and the Paradox of Justice: Plato and Aristotle on the Development of the Moral Person; On Children and Justice; On Justice in Education; Expanding the Moral Imagination for Thinking About Justice Through Commonplace Conversations; and Pursuing Justice Through a Teaching American History Grant.

The Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character Spring Institute is a stimulating retreat designed to cultivate the intellectual lives of current and aspiring educators, inspire them to embrace a renewed sense of responsibility and dedication to the art of teaching, and instill in them a deeper understanding of how to educate for character.

This two-day institute will be held April 28-29, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM at Boston University’s Photonics Center, 8 Saint Mary’s Street. The fee for educators is $390.00 ($350.00 for three or more teachers), and includes continental breakfast, lunch and materials. Boston University students can attend the Institute as a 2-credit course. The event is co-sponsored by the “Pursuing Justice” Teaching American History Grant, Brookline Public Schools. For more information and to register, please call 617-353-3262 or email

The Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character at Boston University (CAEC) serves as a resource for administrators, teachers and parents as they seek to fulfill their responsibilities as moral educators. It fosters research initiatives and publications on moral and character education, not only by Boston University’s faculty and students, but by scholars and researchers from around the world. The CAEC provides an intellectual framework for teachers, who can then help students discuss, understand, and practice core virtues. In addition, it stimulates international dialogue on issues of moral education, helping educators to become more competent in the study and integration of ethics and character in schools.