Boston University College of Fine Arts announces Tanglewood II – Charting the Future

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May 23rd, 2007

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Boston – The Boston University College of Fine Arts is pleased to announce the upcoming Tanglewood II symposium, hosted by the Department of Music Education at the BU School of Music. Tanglewood II participants will meet at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts June 25-27, 2007 to brainstorm about new philosophies and approaches to music learning in the 21st century. This symposium is being held in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Tanglewood I Symposium, a conference held in 1967 at Tanglewood whose results have set the standards for music education over the last 40 years. In addition to the five-day symposium in June, Tanglewood II also features an online symposium where music scholars and practitioners can participate in discussions on Tanglewood II topics.

Tanglewood I helped shape music education on a worldwide scale. Led by Boston University, this 1967 symposium resulted in an extensive rethinking of how and why music is taught in the schools. While the recommendations established at Tanglewood I are still in use today, there are a number of new factors affecting music education both in schools and on a broader base. To examine these developments, an international group of 32 music educators and distinguished scholars will join together this June to address topics such as:

• What impact will increased cultural diversity have on music learning?
• How will technology affect music learning?
• How will national, state, and local mandates impact the relevance of music in educational curriculums?
• How can formal education programs have an effect on informal music making?

By expanding the symposium to discussions online, additional members of the music education field can weigh in and comment on the topics being covered at Williams College. To join this free online forum, please visit

André de Quadros, Director of the School of Music at the Boston University College of Fine Arts, feels strongly that Tanglewood I helped establish BU as one of the leading institutions for music education across the country, so it was only natural for the University to be on the forefront for planning Tanglewood II. Tanglewood II is sponsored by the Boston University Department of Music Education in collaboration with Arizona State University, Columbia University, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, UCLA, University of Connecticut – Storrs, University of Minnesota, and Wayne State University.

To learn more about Tanglewood II, including full schedules of events, deliberation topics, and the key participants in symposium events, please visit

Founded in 1873, the Boston University School of Music combines the intimacy and intensity of conservatory training with a broadly based, traditional liberal arts education at the undergraduate level and intense coursework at the graduate level. The school offers degrees in performance, composition and theory, musicology, music education, and historical performance, as well as a certificate program in its Opera Institute, and artist and performance diplomas.

The Boston University College of Fine Arts was created in 1954 to bring together the School of Music, the School of Theatre, and the School of Visual Arts. The University’s vision was to create a community of artists in a conservatory-style school offering professional training in the arts to both undergraduate and graduate students, complemented by a liberal arts curriculum for undergraduate students. Since those early days, education at the College of Fine Arts has begun on the BU campus and extended into the city of Boston, a rich center of cultural, artistic and intellectual activity.

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