Boston University School of Medicine to Offer Masters Program in Forensic Sciences

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Boston, MA — Beginning in September, Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) will offer a master’s program in Biomedical Forensic Sciences. The program is the only forensic sciences graduate program in Massachusetts, and only the second of its kind in New England. The two-year program will provide a unique opportunity for individuals to pursue graduate level forensic sciences education in one of the fastest growing scientific fields today.

The program blends biomedical science with a forensic sciences curriculum. It is one of very few forensic science programs in the country based at a major medical center, a setting that will provide students and faculty access to extensive resources and facilities. The amenities include a sophisticated DNA laboratory, biology and chemistry laboratory space with high tech equipment, state of the art lecture halls and seminar rooms, a library of forensic journals and texts, and access to many resources typically only available to medical students.

“As biomedical specialties continue to provide vital techniques and practices to forensic investigation, the need for broadly trained forensic professionals has become an urgent need nationally,” said Tara Moore, PhD, the associate director of Biomedical Forensic Sciences Program at BUSM. “Individuals trained in the basics of forensic science and a strong biomedical background will provide a crucial level of expertise to forensic investigations,” she added.

This program is designed to provide a broad-based learning experience in multiple areas of forensic and biomedical sciences that will prepare the students for employment in many areas including law enforcement, medical examiner offices, law firms, military, hospital and pharmaceutical laboratories and academics. The courses will be taught by forensic sciences experts from local, state and federal forensic laboratories and law enforcement agencies and Boston University School of Medicine and Law.

Core courses will cover essential topics in forensic sciences that will provide the necessary training for students to work in a variety of forensic settings. Many courses will include laboratory components in which students will gain hands-on experience with the equipment, methods and techniques used in forensic sciences laboratories.

The emphasis of the elective courses will be the biomedical specialties related to forensic science. These courses will provide students with in-depth knowledge of various biomedical sciences such as pathology, death investigation, anthropology and anatomy. In addition, several courses will be offered each year that will provide continuing education opportunities to law enforcement officials and forensic scientists in New England and surrounding states.

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