Boston University School of Management Ranked 30th Overall, 15th in Academic Quality by BusinessWeek

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(Boston) – In the first undergraduate ranking by BusinessWeek, Boston University School of Management placed 15th among U.S. business schools in Academic Quality and 30th overall.

“This new recognition by BusinessWeek is a fine tribute to our undergraduates and their professors,” said Louis E. Lataif, Dean, Boston University School of Management. “Our students uniquely understand the fusion of the art, science and technology of business; it is most impressively reflected in their professional impact and career progress.”

BusinessWeek interviewed many Boston University students. One said, “The stress on teamwork in the School is great since one is forced to work with people of all skill levels and personality types.” Another student stated, “The junior year project (CORE) is the best thing that happened to me… Students are put into teams and have to come up with their own product, figure out how to finance it, market it, figure out all the operations, and the information technology involved. The whole project is summed up in a 200-page business plan and a 30-minute presentation in front of ‘real’ investors (not professors).”

The overall ranking is based on surveys of more than 100,000 students who major in business, as well as interviews with nearly 2,000 corporate recruiters, and includes information regarding starting salaries, which schools send the most students on to top MBA programs, faculty-student ratios, and average SAT scores. The Academic Quality ranking is based on five equally-weighted measures: average SAT scores, full-time faculty-student ratio, average class size, the percentage of business majors with internships, and the hours students spend every week on schoolwork.

About Boston University School of Management

Founded as the College of Business Administration in 1913, Boston University School of Management develops builders and leaders for the networked-era, emphasizing the fusion of the art, science, and technology of business. The School’s holistic approach prepares the next generation of business leaders for a world that values management as a system of interdependent functions, decisions, people, and technologies. It is the worldwide leader in offering a unique MS•MBA program, a rigorous dual degree and next-generation MBA fusing a traditional management education with expertise in the information technologies that are transforming all businesses. The School also offers a full range of graduate and undergraduate management degree programs and executive education.

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