BUSM Mobilelab Visits Boston Communities

Contact: Michelle Roberts, 617-639-8491 | michelle.roberts@bmc.org

(Boston) – Boston University School of Medicine’s (BUSM) MobileLab will visit the John D. O’Bryant High School in Roxbury November 29 and 30 in an effort to inform local high school students about the world of biotechnology.

Created in 1991, CityLab has provided teachers and students in grades 7 – 12 with state of the art equipment, reagents, pedagogy and staff support to teach authentic, hands-on concepts in biotechnology in the state with the most biotechnology companies in the nation. The program provides students and teachers with hands-on, minds-on laboratory experiences and opportunities to develop concepts and skills in molecular biology.

Since its inception, more than 70,000 middle and high school students and 2,000 teachers have participated in programs at CityLab. CityLab has two dedicated laboratories at BUSM and a mobile biotechnology laboratory (Mobile Lab), which brings the laboratory directly to schools.

MobileLab, a 40-foot long, fully equipped laboratory on wheels, is specifically designed for middle and high school students and their teachers. The goal of the traveling laboratory is to increase community access to concepts and techniques associated with biotechnology. Since 1998, MobileLab has served as a classroom for more than 25,000 students through visits to approximately 40 schools per year. Students participate in hands-on laboratory investigations and apply the same genetics and molecular biology techniques used in today’s biotechnology labs. In taking the laboratory to the schools, the

MobileLab provides all students with the same logistical, pedagogical, and staff support to experience authentic laboratory investigations so that all students receive an equal opportunity to learn concepts and techniques in biotechnology, regardless of the resources available in their school. This first-of-its-kind mobile laboratory has become a leader in mobile laboratory outreach and has served as a model for six additional mobile laboratories across the United States.

CityLab curriculum supplements have been adopted for use by museums, schools and enrichment programs nationwide. In addition, the CityLab model, a centralized learning laboratory, has been replicated at institutions throughout the country.