Statement of Alan M. Leventhal Chairman of the Boston University Board of Trustees

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As you know, our President-Elect, Dr. Robert A. Brown, will assume office on September 1, 2005. Until then, Dr. Aram Chobanian will continue to lead our institution, but with a slightly different title.

This morning, the Board of Trustees voted to remove “ad interim” from his title and officially designate Dr. Chobanian as the 9th President of Boston University.

Dr. Chobanian became our leader at a difficult moment in time at Boston University. He quickly stabilized the institution and established a new tone and way of doing business on campus. He also moved Boston University forward and made it a significantly stronger place. There is nothing “interim” or transient about the impact Dr. Chobanian has had, and we want history to record and recognize him as one of Boston University’s most important and respected presidents.