Boston University Colloquium Addresses Ethical and Policy Issues of the Genetics Revolution

Contact: Ann Marie Menting, 617/353-2240 |

(Boston, Mass.) — The Center for Philosophy and History of Science at Boston University will sponsor a one-day colloquium on the ethical and policy considerations confronting modern society a half-century after the discovery of the structure of DNA.

The colloquium takes place on Monday, September 29 in the University’s George Sherman Union. It will feature Boston University professors who will address issues ranging from genetically modified food and genetics research using human subjects to the ethical implications of using science to influence the genetic underpinnings of human and other life. Among the line-up of outstanding researchers are:

  • Charles DeLisi. Recognized as the “Father of the Human Genome Project,” DeLisi is a scientific leader and, as Senior Associate Provost for Biosciences, a pivotal decision-maker in the University’s pioneering research program in genomics and bioinformatics.
  • George Annas. Internationally recognized as a medical ethicist who examines the moral complexities of developments in areas such as biotechnology and public health, Annas leads the School of Public Health Department of Health Law, Bioethics, and Human Rights.
  • Sir Hans Kornberg. An eminent molecular biologist and director of The University Professors at Boston University, Kornberg’s research on the genetic regulation of cellular mechanisms explores how this most basic unit of human life thrives.
  • The colloquium will be moderated by Alfred I. Tauber, professor of philosophy and medicine and Center director. It is free and open to the public. An agenda of the event can be accessed at For more information, contact Debra Daugherty at 617/353-2604.

    EVENT: The Center for Philosophy and History of Science
    50 Years of the Molecular Revolution: Ethics and Policy

    DATE: Monday, September 29, 2003

    TIME: 9 am – noon, morning session; 2 pm – 5 pm, afternoon session

    PLACE: Boston University
    George Sherman Union, Terrace Lounge, 2nd floor
    775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston