Celebrate National Workplace Napping Day, April 8

Contact: Mary O’Hara, 617/353-0197 | mcohara@bu.edu

Contact: Bill and Camille Anthony, wanthony@bu.edu, 617/353-3549 or 781/944-3506
Boston University Contact: Mary O’Hara, mcohara@bu.edu, 617/353-0197

Boston, MA — The third annual National Workplace Napping Day is only a couple of days away! Boston University Professor William Anthony and his wife Camille, co-authors of The Art of Napping at Work (Larson) have declared Monday, April 8, 2002 as National Workplace Napping Day and they are on a mission to erase the stigma of napping that permeates our culture.

Businesses have the opportunity to recognize the advantages of workplace napping on this day. In a time when a good night’s sleep seems to be a luxury and not a necessity, napping is a no-cost, no-sweat way to stay healthy and productive, and National Workplace Napping Day will make more people aware of the benefits of napping.

“It is a time to plan ahead for the lost hour of sleep that occurs with daylight savings time,” says William Anthony, director of

Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Anthony encourages employers and employees to “promote a 20-minute workplace nap and experience the amazing effects it has on productivity, alertness and well being.”

Several organizations that are seeing the light and deciding to turn it off on April 8 are:

· Community College of Denver and QuaLife Wellness of Denver, Colorado will sponsor “Nap-athon” fundraisers.

· Yarde Metals of Bristol, Connecticut, will host “NAPapalooza 2002″ in conjunction with the American Red Cross to raise money to purchase blankets for children who are without shelter or a good night’s sleep.

On Workplace Napping Day, the Anthony’s will release new data from their www.napping.com survey on women’s napping habits. Some interesting findings from the survey are:

· 90% of the women who responded nap
· 78% of women employed outside of the home feel sleep deprived
· Women nap to overcome fatigue, enhance mood, become more productive, be able to work long hours or hold two jobs, because they like it, or because they attend school

To learn more about National Workplace Napping Day, the napping survey, and this restless trend, visit the Anthony’s Web site at http://www.napping.com. The Anthony’s are available for interviews and to talk about the importance of napping and their survey results. To reach the Anthony’s Saturday, March 30 and Sunday, March 31 please call 781/ 944 – 3506.

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