BU Gallery Presents Workshop Traditions: Printmaking in Boston Since 1960

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March 1st, 2001

Contact: Laura Mikols, 617-353-3666 | lmikols@bu.edu

(Boston, Mass.) — The Boston University Art Gallery presents Workshop Traditions: Printmaking in Boston since 1960, which runs from Thursday, March 1 to Sunday, April 8, at 855 Commonwealth Avenue. The exhibition highlights the evolution of printmaking workshops and the variety of printmaking approaches artists employ. Workshop Traditions features 50 works by such artists as Michael Mazur, Robert Motherwell, Joan Snyder, Cynthia Naronis and Bill Wheelock. The show includes examples of woodblocks, engravings, intaglios and lithographs, formatted as either individual prints or images compiled in portfolios or books.

According to John Stomberg, director of the BU Art Gallery, the status of the print as an art form has evolved drastically since 1960, from the print as an artist’s means of expression to an image exhibited in galleries and museums. “This evolution was precipitated by a growing art market, the advancement of photography and artists’ desire for creative expression in media other than painting,” he says.

The concept of the workshop also underwent a transformation. Workshops have become places where an individual artist prints his or her own work or a master printer inks the images for the artist. Also, the workshop has become a nexus of printers and artists. Each person shares their insights on printmaking methods and their creative ideas and together they produce either single images or a collective portfolio.

The show’s historical and collaborative look at printmaking complements the 2001 North American Print Biennial being held simultaneously at BU’s 808 Gallery, which highlights the scope and excellence of contemporary printmaking. The Biennial, sponsored by BU’s School for the Arts and the Boston Printmakers, is the most prestigious printmaking show in the Northeast. The national exhibition will also remain open through April 8. Workshop Traditions features six Boston-area workshops: Center Street Studio, Experimental Etchings Studio, Impressions Studio, Mixit Print Studio, R.E. Townsend, and Carolyn M. Muskat Studio. This exhibition will be accompanied by two public programs, a panel discussion between artists and printers and a gallery talk by the curators.

All events are free and open to the public. For more information, call 617/353-4672.


Workshop Traditions: Printmaking in Boston Since 1960


Boston University Art Gallery
855 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston


Thursday, March 1 through Sunday, April 8


Emily Moore and Christopher T. Newth, co-curators will discuss the exhibition’s images and themes at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 3 at the gallery.


A discussion with printmakers and artists focusing on printmaking in Boston and the collaborative process moderated by John Stomberg, director of the BU Art Gallery, at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27 at the gallery CURATORS:Emily Moore, Chris Newth and John Stomberg



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