Ulrich Mack: Island People At Boston University’s 808 Gallery

Contact: Joan Schwartz, | joans@bu.edu

(Boston, Mass.) — In 1968, photographer Ulrich Mack documented poet Sidgfried Lenz on Pellworm Island, off the coast of Germany, as part of a series for the German magazine, Stern.

In 1978 he returned to Pellworm to create a group of photographs of the island’s people.

In 1984, Mack discovered a group of people living a similar lifestyle to those on Pellworm on Harker’s Island, off the coast of South Carolina.

The resulting book of 144 images testifies, in curator John Stomberg’s words, “to a unifying bond between people of different nationalities … that transcends the particulars of dress, language, or other cultural characteristics.”

The exhibition, based on the book, presents the people of Harker’s and Pellworm islands as Mack came to know them.

Exhibition dates:

Friday, November 17 – Sunday, January 28, 2000

Where: 808 Gallery, 808 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Katherine French, Exhibitions Coordinator

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Opening Reception:

Friday, November 17, 6 – 8 p.m.

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