BU School of Management Announces Partnership with Dong Hua University in China

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(Shanghai, People’s Republic of China and Boston, Mass.)— The School of Management at Boston University announced todaythe establishment of a unique International Management Program (IMP)in partnership with Dong Hua University in Shanghai, China. At a formalceremony held on the campus in Shanghai, Louis E. Lataif, Dean of theSchool of Management, officially signed the agreement between the twoinstitutions. Boston University’s new IMP-China partnership will bethe first of its kind between an American and Chinese university.

“Our partnership with Dong Hua University representsanother milestone in our efforts to develop the builders and leadersof tomorrow,” said Dean Lataif. “Two of the most importantmovements in management education are technology and globalization.Building upon Boston University’s recent establishment of the Bronnere-Business Center and Hatchery and the innovative MS·MBA program, thisnew initiative further places the School of Management at the forefrontof issues tomorrow’s leaders need to be learning today.”

The globalization of the world’s economies and the openingof China’s vast market to foreign companies have led to a large influxof foreign investment into the world’s largest nation. According toChina Daily, approximately 350,000 foreign enterprises have beenestablished with a total contracted investment of well over $620 billion.Foreign investment now accounts for more than 15 percent of the ChineseGNP, with companies from the United States representing one of the largestsingle sources.

Executives from US companies operating in China werequick to express both the need for and value of the management trainingto be offered at IMP-China. “Boston University’s IMP-China programrepresents a thoughtful blueprint for management education in today’sglobal economy, and we look forward to both participating in and recruitingfrom this innovative program,” said Gangpu Lee, General Managerof Danaher Tool Group’s Chinese operations.

The School of Management’s IMP-China program is an ExecutiveEducation program that will be the first to offer MBA students the opportunityto interact and study full-time with Chinese business executives. DongHua University is one of approximately 50 “key” institutionsof higher learning throughout China, as designated by the EducationMinistry.

This partnership is modeled after the highly successfulIMP-Japan program the School of Management has run in conjunction withSanyo Electric Company in Kobe, Japan for 13 years. The IMP-China programwill be run by Aimin Yan, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of OrganizationalBehavior at the School of Management. Born in China and a graduate ofthe Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Yan is one ofthe leading authorities on US-China manufacturing joint ventures.

Consisting of four courses taught in ten weeks in aformat similar to the courses offered within the School of Management’straditional MBA program, IMP-China is projected to have about 50 participantsbeginning one year from now, composed of executives from US companiesoperating in China as well as executives from Asian multinational companies,Chinese students interested in pursuing an MBA in Boston upon commencementof the Shanghai-based program, and some American MBA students. All IMP-Chinacourses will be taught in English by full-time professors from the Schoolof Management. Asian and other foreign participants will have the opportunityto participate in intensive three-week English orientation classes priorto the start of the IMP program.

The rapidly evolving Chinese economy, which is integratingitself quickly into the global economy, has led to a strong demand forinternational management training within the People’s Republic of China.At the same time, many Chinese companies cannot afford to have theirtop executives spend two-years away from China while attending Americanor European universities to earn an MBA.

“Most managers trained in China need a major ‘paradigm shift’to remain effective in a global economy,” said Dr. Yan. “Havinggrown up and been educated within a closed economy for many years, Chinesemanagers may possess excellent technical or execution skills. However, they need to enrich themselves with a set of new perspectivesand competencies to lead effectively in market-oriented global businesses. The hard fact is that so far Chinese business schools have not beenable to deliver these perspectives and competencies. By participatingin IMP-China, these executives will garner a more global perspectiveby learning within international teams.”

“Boston University’s IMP-China program should be extremely attractiveto those high quality local Chinese business executives and entrepreneurswho are eager to better acquaint themselves with market oriented globalbusiness theories and practices to validate their own knowledge andunderstanding,” said Frank Chou, Director of Government & CommunityRelations for General Motors’ China Operations.

IMP-China represents the latest in a series of significantinitiatives launched by Boston University’s School of Management overthe last six months. The MS·MBA, announced in May, represents a newconcept in business education that will enable ambitious MBA studentsfrom around the world to earn both a traditional Master’s Degree inBusiness Administration with a concentration in one of the various businessdisciplines, as well as a Master of Science in Information Systems.The two degrees can be earned in the same 21-month time-period requiredto earn a traditional MBA. Additionally, the Michael Bronnere-Business Center and Hatchery, a new e-business initiative begun in February, enables students to develop new business ideas under the supervision of faculty as part of their educational undergraduate and graduate business school experience. The initiative also created a separate Hatchery that allies students with the hands-on leadership of successful business executives and venture capitalists to help launch and nurture e-business ideas with financial assistance and managerial experience.

The School of Management at Boston University is located at 595 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02215, USA or visit http://management.bu.edu/. Specific admissions, IMP-China, Bronner Center and Hatchery, and MS.MBA program information can be obtained by contacting Peter Kelly (pkelly@bu.edu) or Janelle Heineke (jheineke@bu.edu).