Boston University Students Make Artistic Foray into the World of High-Tech

Contact: Joan Schwartz, |

(Boston, MA) – Four Boston University School for the Arts students have made a big splash in cyberspace by creating theofficialweb page for the 1999 Boston Cyberarts Festival. Claire Chin, Jeong Lee, Liz Mikolajek, and Stuart McCoy designed and built the page. Chinand Mikolajek concentrated on design while Lee and McCoy focused on technical aspects.

The Boston Cyberarts Festival spotlights the creative connection between the high-tech industry and the visual and performing arts. It incorporates exhibitions and performances by artists who use computer technology as an integral part of their art. Festival Director George Fifield says he is proud of way the BU students represented the festival. “The web page is one of the primary ways people find out about the Cyberarts Festival. It creates a lasting first impression that either draws an audience in or turns it away. The creative talent and professionalism of the Boston University team and the site they created exceeded all of our expectations.”

These rave reviews are no surprise to Claire Chin, a Master of Fine Arts candidate in the Graphic Design program. Claire was in charge of creating the general layout of the splash page. She attributes the high quality of the end result to “working with all kinds of people with different opinions, ideas, and tastes — we were a great team!”

Another team member, Liz Mikolajek, says she got involved with the Cyberarts web page project because it seemed like “a great experience to work collaboratively with a team of talented people.” Liz, a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate in the Graphic Design program, designed all the icons, the layout of the pages, and helped create the overall festive look. She notes that the challenge of understanding all the technical aspects of page creation was very rewarding.

Graphic Arts Professor Richard Doubleday feels that this experience has been of great benefit to his students. “They were presented with a unique opportunity to do some great work that will be viewed by a large audience — and they met the challenge beautifully. There is no substitute for real-life experience of this caliber.”

The Boston Cyberarts Festival includes performance events, exhibitions, and installations at galleries, museums, concert halls, and educational institutions throughout Boston during the month of May. Cyberarts are artistic endeavors in which computer technology is used to expand the artistic possibilities — that is, where the computer and its associated software are an element of the creative process in the same way that paint, photographic film, musical instruments, and other materials have always been used to express an artist’s vision.

Cyberarts Festival events at Boston University include an exhibition of Luminage Prints by Ken Huffand other light-based art at the Boston University Photonics Center, and Gateway to Spirited Ruins, a new multi-user virtual reality experience at the Boston University Computer Graphics Lab.