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Gait, Falls, and Balance in Parkinson’s
(January 15, 2013)
presented by Dr. Terry Ellis

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    A Practical Approach to Evaluation and Treatment for the Physical Therapist

    This course consists of 4, one and a half to two hour long presentations.  Following each session, you may take a brief exam test your knowledge of Parkinson’s.  After completing all four sessions and exams, you’ll be eligible for up to .8 CEUs. All non-PTs or PTs who do not need CEUs are welcome to just watch the course at your leisure and not take the exams. Click here for program. (Free and accessible 24 hours a day!)
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      Discussion Podcast: Barriers to Exercise in People With Parkinson Disease.
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      In “Barriers to Exercise in People With Parkinson Disease” (May 2013), Terry Ellis and colleagues investigated barriers that prevent many people with PD from participating in an exercise program over the long term. According to the study, 3 main barriers separated “exercisers” from “nonexercisers”: low outcome expectations, lack of time to exercise, and fear of falling.

      Discussion Podcast: Outcome Measures for People With Parkinson Disease
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      In their article “Profile of Functional Limitations and Task Performance Among People With Early- and Middle-Stage Parkinson Disease” (September 2011), Dr Margaret Schenkman and colleagues used cross-sectional data from 5 different studies to summarize the expected values, by disease stage, of variety of tests and measures used to quantify the functional performance of people in the early and middle stages of Parkinson disease (PD). According to Schenkman, this database of typical values will allow clinicians and researchers to interpret the functional status of individual patients and study participants with PD.