Robert Salazar, MA

Fourth year doctoral student, Clinical Psychology
2011 BA, Psychology, University of South Florida
2012 MA, Psychology, Boston University

Research Interests

I am interested in the relation between motor and non-motor symptoms in PD. Specifically, I am interested in how side (right, left) and type (tremor, non-tremor) of initial and current predominant motor symptom relates to cognition, mood, and important motor skills pertinent to daily function (e.g., gait). I am currently involved in a study investigating the relation of vision and cognition to gait. This involves testing gait under different visual and cognitive conditions. The aim of this research is to further our understanding of basic visual, cognitive, and motor deficits in PD while integrating this information into an applied perspective, considering how these factors impact daily function and quality of life in PD.

Current Projects

I’m interested in how cognitive load affects walking in PD and currently collaborating with Sargent college on a study involving dual-tasking in hopes of better understanding the relation between cognition and gait in PD. I’m also interested in how side-and-type of motor symptom affects cognition and gait, as well as how motor symptoms influence self-report mood measures in PD.

Research Experience

As an undergraduate student I was involved in research with Dr. Cindy Cimino’s clinical neurospyschology lab at the University of South Florida. I was primarily involved in testing an intervention program designed to improve symptoms of apathy in Parkinson’s disease. In addition, my Honor’s thesis investigated the effects of the Diagnosis Threat on a head injured population.

Hobbies & Interests

I love all sports, but am a huge baseball fan. I have been a Rays fan since ’98 so being in another AL East city has been an adjustment. Watching the Red Sox win the ’13 World Series was quite an experience! I also enjoy playing music. I have played the tuba most of my life and have recently picked up the guitar. I enjoy a range of recreational activities including tennis, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, hiking, and especially beach volleyball.


Pavawalla, S.P., Salazar, R., Cimino, C., Belanger, H., Vanderploeg, R., (in preparation). An Exploration of the Limits of Diagnosis Threat Following Concussion Injury.