Dan Norton, PhD

Alumnus of the Vision and Cognition Lab, Boston University
BA Psychology, Gordon College
MA Psychology, Boston University

Research Interests

My active research projects have two foci.  One is  trying to understand why some people with Parkinson’s seem to have visuospatial neglect. I am running a series of psychophysical experiments aimed at beginning to answer that question.  My other focus, which is more in line with what I plan to pursue in the future, is on inhibitory processing within the visual system in major depressive disorder. Overall, the idea in my research generally is to use relatively simple visual processes as a window to understand how the brain and mind change when people get a psychological disorder (or a neurological one, in the case of Parkinson’s disease).

Relevant Experience

Worked as a research assistant under Dr. Yue Chen at McLean hospital from 2005-2009. Studied vision in schizophrenia, healthy aging, and autism. Methods used were mostly psychophysical but also did some fMRI.Clinical experience at CARD treating depression and anxiety with CBT, and now working at McLean’s BHP, doing short-term CBT for acute patients with a wide variety of diagnoses.


Backpacking, Guitar/banjo, building a wooden standup paddle board!


Original Articles

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Abstracts, Papers, Posters Presented

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