The Cognitive Neuroimaging Center (CNC) is a shared research facility.  Faculty, students, and staff affiliated with the center may reserve individual rooms to use for research activities.

Calendar Information

calendar iconThe CNC scheduling calendar is available here.  This tool can be used to reserve the MRI suite (for approved MRI groups), for scheduling MRI staff assistance, or for reserving other rooms within the center.

Individuals who will be responsible for scheduling the MRI scanner suite, other testing rooms, or additional spaces within the center should register for an account. Upon registration, accounts will be verified by CNC staff and added to the CNC Users group, which will enable the scheduling of resources.

More detailed instructions for using the calendar are here.

Reserving Testing Rooms / Other non-MRI Spaces

The center includes seven large electromagnetically-shielded testing room,  three smaller rooms for neuropsychological and behavioral testing, and a conference room / data analysis space. These are available free of charge to all center users, but must be reserved using the calendar system above. These reservations may be made at any time and do not require further approval. Please be considerate of other investigators when making these reservations.

Requesting Scanner Access / Time

Individuals who use the MRI suite must have completed a safety training course, and studies must be approved by the Institutional Review Board. There is an hourly fee for usage of the scanner suite. Further details are available here.

For groups who are ready and who have been approved to conduct MRI experiments in the center, please register for the calendar above, and contact to request access to the MRI suite calendars.