Undergraduate Fellowships in Computational Neuroscience

Undergraduate Fellowships in Computational Neuroscience

Boston University anticipates that we will receive funding this fall to support several Undergraduate Fellowships in Computational Neuroscience. Both juniors and seniors are eligible for funding through this program. To be considered, students must have successfully completed NE102 or BI108/118, NE203 or BI325, NE204, and at least one year of calculus. In addition, students are expected to have completed multivariate calculus and differential equations, applied statistics (PS211 or MA214), and Introduction to Programming (EK127; or demonstrated proficiency) by the first semester of their junior year. Students are expected to complete a Work for Distinction during their senior year.

Rising Juniors:

The program will fund students through their Junior year, and into the summer pending a positive evaluation of progress. During the academic year Juniors will receive a $10/hour stipend for up to 20 hours per week, and summer support between Senior year that includes housing for 10 weeks and a $3,500 stipend. Students are expected to commit to participating through the end of their Senior Year.

Rising Seniors:

Seniors will receive funds to purchase supplies for their Independent Work for Distinction project and up to $750 per student for travel to attend a national scientific meeting.

Application: (Click here for the application)

Students interested in the fellowship must submit a brief (1-2 page) proposal describing their area of interest, along with the enclosed cover sheet signed by two mentors who agree to supervise the research project. One mentor should be chosen for their expertise in experimental neuroscience and the other for their expertise in computational neuroscience. If necessary, we will assist students who have identified one mentor in finding the second mentor. For more information, contact Dr. Paul Lipton (palipton@bu.edu).

Application Requirements

  • Rising Junior or Rising Senior ONLY
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Cover page signed by project mentors
  • Brief (1-2 page) proposal
  • Copy of your transcript
  • Email application materials to palipton@bu.edu