Commencement 2012

Congratulations Class of 2012!!

Our Neuroscience ceremony was held at 9:00am on Sunday, May 20, 2012 in the College of Fine Arts Concert Hall located at 855 Commonwealth Avenue.  Students were joined by their friends and family in celebrating this monumental accomplishment!

Our student speaker Anuhya Caipa did a great job speaking about YOLO (see speech below) and Dr. David Somers, the faculty speaker, shared with us the inspiring history of the Post-it Note and urged grads to be creative!


Student Speech:

Graduation Speech for UGNeuro 2012 – Anuhya Caipa

Friends, family, and fellow graduates of the neuroscience class of 2012, today marks the culmination of what we have worked for over the past 4 years. The thought of graduating, which initially seemed like somewhat of a mirage, began to slowly transform into something upcoming and tangible. Senior year in particular has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Trying to manage a decent social life, a healthy GPA, and figure out what our future after graduation holds has been utterly exhausting. I think I can speak for everyone when I say the most dreaded question anyone could have asked us this year was, “hey, so what are your plans after graduation?” But, just when finals period somehow seemed to get more painful and procrastination somehow seemed to get easier, Señor Lipton’s prowess on the dance floor showed us that with hard-work, dedication, and a few rhinestones, anything is possible.

When I was told that I would be speaking today, I thought long and hard about what is was that I wanted to say. I wanted to address this momentous occasion in such a way that all of us would be able to relate. I thought maybe I could use a pop-culture reference to help me out a bit, so I figured taking about YOLO would be appropriate.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, YOLO is an acronym that stands for “You Only Live Once.” Setting aside how mainstream this phrase has become and how exceptional of an excuse it is to legitimize taking part in sometimes irresponsible senior year shenanigans, I think we should take some time to examine what YOLO really means and how it relates to us on this particular day.

Now, I most often hear YOLO in reference to youth and being 20something, which in a way makes sense. It’s been said that college comprises the best four years of one’s life. As initially sheltered freshman, we all came to BU and were greeted with a world of independence. We could finally eat what we wanted, sleep when we wanted, and study that which interested us the most. We were relatively responsibility free and were only required to look after ourselves. Even considering the multiple all-nighters and red-bulls that many of us have had, I think we can all agree that undergrad was pretty great.

But now, we’re moving on to bigger and better things and we may very well continue to lead lives that YOLO could apply to. I mean, life after college can’t be all the bad right? For so long, we have been disciples of some of the best and brightest of neuroscience. We will now have the opportunity to actually contribute to the field and cultivate the minds of those who follow in our footsteps. Many of us will be done with matlab forever and for those of us who are not…we’re sincerely sorry. We will find a career and pursue our passions. We will accomplish and we will grow into ourselves. We will start families, buy homes, and develop friendships with our parents rather than just being their child. We will probably come across at least one excuse to wear a fanny pack without being harshly judged. And eventually, when we’re senior citizens, we’ll get discounts on absolutely EVERYTHING.

Yes, today we are ending a significant chapter of our journey but we still have so much to look forward to. It’s not going to be easy leaving behind the life, relationships, and memories we’ve created here…but c’est la vie.

Even if at some point in the future you forget this speech, or the people you graduated with, or even the colors of our caps and gowns, remember how hard you worked to come to this point. Remember how you felt when you officially became an alumnus and could fearlessly walk across the seal at Marsh. Remember that we’ve spent the past four years learning about the most mysterious part of the human body…and therefore we are awesome and really fly. We’ve all accomplished something pretty amazing here, so remember to be proud of yourself.

My hope for all of us is that we learn a few things from YOLO in relation to this occasion, as cliché as that may be. If the phrase has any truth to it, we shouldn’t let life stress us out. We need to slow down and enjoy the view. We should immerse ourselves in something that allows us to love what we do and do what we love. We should define ourselves on our own terms and stand up for ourselves when necessary. I hope each and every one of us is able to find a purpose and not just survive, but flourish. We’ve come a long way, but our journey is just beginning.

Now, to end on a high note, I think it’s time for a joke: What did the hippocampus say during its graduation speech?

Thanks for all of the memories!

Congratulations class of 2012!





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