GPN Steering Committee

Shelley J. Russek, PhD, Chair, “Molecular and Translational Neuroscience/Epilepsy”, Professor of Pharmacology and Biology

Helen Barbas, “Systems Neuroscience/Behavioral Neuroscience”, Professor of Health Sciences

Pietro Cottone, “Addiction/Behavioral Neuroscience/Neuropharmacology”, Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Ian Davidson, “Systems Neuroscience/Behavioral Neuroscience”, Assistant Professor of Biology

Jeff Gavornik, “Systems Neuroscience/Synaptic Plasticity”, Assistant Professor of Biology

Tarik Haydar, “Systems Neuroscience/Developmental Neurobiology”, Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology

Marc Howard, “Computational Neuroscience; Behavioral/Cognitive Neuroscience”, Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Tsuneya Ikezu, “Molecular and Translational Neuroscience/Neurodegeneration”, Professor of Pharmacology

Kathleen Kantak, “Addiction/Behavioral Neuroscience”, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Nancy Kopell, “Computational/Systems Neuroscience”, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Mark Kramer, “Computational Neuroscience”, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Sam Ling, “Behavioral/Cognitive Neuroscience”, Assistant Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Tyler Perrachione, “Behavioral/Cognitive Neuroscience”, Assistant Professor of Speech and Hearing

Douglas Rosene, “Systems Neuroscience/Behavioral Neuroscience”, Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology

Chantal Stern, “Behavioral/Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience”, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences