Alternative Spring Break

The Community Service Center (CSC) at Boston University coordinates one of the largest Alternative Spring Break programs in the country, with over 300 student volunteers traveling to 35 different sites across the country on service oriented trips. This year, Dr. Paul Lipton accompanied 10 industrious students from CAS, SMG, and COM on a trip to Beards Fork, WV, where they worked closely with the Appalachian Labor School (SALS) to refurbish a house as part of their affordable housing program. After a lunch stop in Connecticut, dinner in Pennsylvania, and a midnight walk among the monuments in Washington DC, the group’s 23 hour van trip ended in the heart of coal country, Appalachia. Under the guidance of SALS workers, Chris, Joe, and Billy, the group worked for five days to reconstruct a deck and porch, repaint the entire interior, replace electrical fixtures and outlets throughout, and resurface all the floors. In between hammering, painting, scrubbing and power washing, the group did find some time to play soccer, football, ultimate Frisbee in the mud, Chubby Bunny, and epic matches of Mafia. With an emphasis on giving back to the community, Alternative Spring Break asks that students step outside their comfort zone and engage in projects that raise their consciousness of issues related to the environment, affordable housing, hunger, and social issues.


Check out photos from the trip:

ASB Billy Payne



ASB theroof

ASB the project


ASB Soccer Break


ASB Soccer Break 2


ASB Sals

ASB progress


ASB porchcomplete




ASB ouronlywayout