Community & Outreach

CommunityBaloonThis section is an effort by Neuroscience @ BU to connect its ideas and practices to the efforts of the BU community.  We believe that outreach, unlike marketing, does not inherently revolve around a product or strategy but rather the exchange of ideas as a two-way street in which the participants engage as active sources of information.

We invite you to explore this section for important neuroscience community events and neuroscience cultural enrichment such as behind the scenes on Neuroscience Day, student artwork creations and showings, highlights from faculty/student retreats, neuroscience student blogs, as well as many more unique activities for faculty and students which only Neuroscience @ BU can bring you.  Please check back often as we take pride in constantly keeping you up-to-date.


Shelley Russek, Director

Sandi Grasso, Assistant Director