Research Technician –Massachusetts General Hospital

Our group is developing state-of-the-art techniques in statistical signal processing algorithms and wireless hardware to understand the dynamics of brain activity. We are looking for a Research Technician II with a strong background in computer science and engineering to help us develop the hardware and software that will drive the next generation of medical devices for improving patient care.

The Research Technician II should have extensive experience with MATLAB and C/C++, as well as familiarity with in iOS/Android development. He/She should hold at least Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Computational Neuroscience or related fields. They should have knowledge of signal processing and have an interest in the biomedical research, neuroscience, medicine, and medical device development. Previous experience with electronic design and real-time processing will also be highly desirable. The Research Technician II will assist with developing and performing studies on a new sensor system in various clinical environments and in developing software for real-time medical and mobile applications.


  • Development of optimized, real-time implementations of novel signal processing algorithms in Matlab/C++ for a clinical device platform
  • Development of iOS/Android framework for the implementation and visualization of the signal processing algorithms on a mobile device platform
  • Technical evaluation of the hardware for a novel sensor system in several clinical environments within MGH, comparing the signal quality against existing clinical systems
  • Assisting in data collection, analysis, and report generation in a formal experimental study of the combined hardware and software platforms
  • Technical set-up and hands-on equipment responsibilities
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Strong computer science skills
  • Strong foundation in signal processing
  • Strong electrical engineering background
  • Highly proficient in Matlab and C++
  • Familiarity with iOS/Android development
  • Experience in circuit design, electrical engineering
  • Familiarity with real-time applications
  • Effective and independent problem solving skills
  • Careful attention to detail
  • Comfortable working in a hands-on environment, and comfortable with the concept of speaking with volunteers, and patients and their families
  • Flexible, motivated, and eager to learn.
  • Team player


Bachelor’s degree required.  Masters or PhD degrees will enhance competitiveness but are not required. Candidates should be interested in biomedical and clinical research.


At least 5 years of programming experience (MATLAB, C++, iOS, Android) and related degree required, along with a foundation in signal processing and electrical engineering and the drive and enthusiasm to learn about neuroscience by assisting in state-of-the art patient-centered research.

Applicants should send a CV and cover letter to