NeuroDome: Connecting BU Neuroscientists to their Community

NeurodomePicNeuroDome was developed for two major reasons.  First, to reduce the redundancy in email announcements regarding upcoming events that are pertinent to our community and second and foremost, to make sure that everyone is aware of the diverse opportunities that our campus wide community provides for learning and social collaborative interactions.

If you would like to post an upcoming event using our email lists please contact

If you want it distributed to all neuro students and faculty please indicate “full distribution”.  If you want only faculty or students please indicate this in your email request.  Neurodome sends out announcements only once so please also indicate when you would like your event to be posted.

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Shelley Russek

Director, GPN


Fareesa Hasan

Neurodome Administrator


Current mailing lists:



Neuroscience Graduate Student Organization (NGSO)

Graduate Program for Neuroscience (GPN)

Brain, Behavior, and Cognition Program in Psychology

Biomolecular Pharmacology Program

BN Program

Biology Department

Pathology Department

Anatomy and Neurobiology Department

Biochemistry Department

Affinity Research Collaborative (ARC)

BU/VA Liaison group


Connecting with NeuroDome

If you would like to join the NeuroDome mailing list for announcements about seminars, conferences, events, and other relevant information, please fill out the information below.
  • Let us know if you would like to receive emails meant exclusively for any of these Programs/Organizations.
  • If your department/organization is not listed above, let us know here. This will help us in our outreach and to get a better sense of who would like to be involved in the neuroscience community.