Apply to GPN!

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Program for Neuroscience! Deadline for applications is December 15th, 2013.

Please note that there is only one entry point into GPN due to the importance of a shared core curriculum that is taken as an entering class during the first year of study.  If you are specifically interested in obtaining the advanced computational curriculum please select GPN CN.  All other applicants please select GPN.

For inquiries regarding receipt of application materials:

Please contact Admissions

Michelle Hall, Associate Director for Admissions. The Office of Admissions: phone: (617) 638-5121;  fax: (617) 638-5740

GRE Revised General Test: Effective  August 1, 2011 ETS has launched the revised general test. As ETS states, scores for exams taken from August through September will not be received by Boston University until mid-November.

Note that GPN has only one interview event, March 3& 4, 2014, so please plan ahead so that you can join us.

To submit your application for the GPN 2013 class please create an account on the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences’ application page and follow the instructions. Choose either the entry marked PhD GPN Neuroscience or PhD GPN Computational Neuroscience.

While this is a University-wide program, formal administration of student admissions, registration, and keeping of records will be housed on one campus through the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS) to serve you best. GMS provides a rich environment for graduate student development, including responsible conduct of research, career guidance, public speaking and grantsmanship, as well as an opportunity to share graduate experiences with fellow BU students also conducting thesis research in the area of neuroscience through a variety of other programs/departments.

Students coming through the PIBS GMS portal will not be considered at this time for later admittance to the Graduate Program for Neuroscience due to the design of the GPN curriculum during the first year, however, components of the PIBS first year curriculum can be taken as electives by GPN students with permission of instructors.

After you have applied to the program, please feel free to contact us at, so that we can learn more about you and keep an eye on the completion of your application materials.

Some tips to help you during your senior year:

For students interested in a laboratory for Ph.D. thesis research that involves human imaging, it is suggested that you get some experience through undergraduate research in this area.  If you have not done so already, the senior year is a good place to start!! Find a good lab and get some training.

Likewise, for students interested in a laboratory doing research in molecular neuroscience it is suggested that you take a basic undergraduate course in biochemistry and/or cell biology so that you can hit the ground ahead of everyone else!

For students interested in the computational neuroscience pathway of emphasis it is suggested that you take calculus and/or have prior research experience in this subspecialty or a related discipline, so why not start now if you can!

These are only suggestions to enhance your application as all students are evaluated on a case by case basis and multiple factors are taken into account when any decision is made.  Students also may cross disciplines based on their excitement over particular laboratory rotation experiences during their first year.

Best of luck!!