Professional Development Resources

BoBU BEST LOGOston University (BU) is one of seventeen institutions to receive the prestigious Broadening Experience in Scientific Training (BEST) award by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The five-year, $1.8 million award provides biomedical research trainees from across the University with enhanced training to help PhD students and postdoctoral trainees prepare for careers beyond conventional academic research. 

All GPN students participate in the workshops organized via the GMS “BEST” team of faculty and administrators. For more information please go to and checkout the current calendar of events:

GPN students take advantage of the rich offerings that GMS provides through its Office of Professional Development and Postdoctoral Affairs.  We also post on this page any additional GPN related materials to help students develop essential tools for a productive career in the field of neuroscience.

It is required that all GPN students create their own independent development plan (IDP) starting with the resources offered through the MyIDP Science Careers website and to revisit this IDP on their own and with their mentor(s) regularly throughout their graduate career and/or the Chair of their dissertation advisory committee (DAC).  An annual evaluation with the Program Director is also helpful to monitor changes in students career trajectorys as they develop and the opportunity to identify new opportunities for professional growth that will put them in the best position for reaching their goals after their PhD defense.

Additional materials:

PDF of slides from a workshop held at CompNet, co-sponsored by Cognitive Rhythms Collaborative, CompNet and Graduate Program for Neuroscience/NGSO “How to write effective grant proposals” delivered by Dr. Cyndi Bradham. Grant Writing Seminar