Neuroscience Graduate Student Organization

We made it to the South End!!If you are a BU student doing thesis research in the area of neuroscience make sure that you receive important emails (and special invitations) specific to our community.  Please add your name to our contact list


The Distinguished Lecturers for the Graduate Program for Neuroscience Seminar Series is chosen from a list of speakers that are nominated by the neuroscience students at BU. Nominations are open to all BU students studying in a neuroscience related field, independent of school or department. You may nominate as many speakers as you would like. In late March or early April, we will vote to pick the top nominees.

(Note: The poll requires you to use your BU account to log into Google Docs. Put your BU email address (including into the Email field, then click “Sign in”. This will bring up the BU Web Login page. If you are signed into Google with a different account (e.g. your non-BU Gmail), you will need to sign out or open this link in another browser window.)

Enter your nomination HERE

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