Jobs and Internships

Helpful Guide to Finding Summer Jobs and Internships: 

Contact any Boston University Alumni working in your area of interest to see if they have any leads to summer jobs within their organization.

Network. Most people find their summer jobs through personal contact and referral. In addition to networking with former BU students, referrals often come from friends, parents, family members, neighbors, and professors.

Check the UG Neuro Announcements page for any new job postings. We are often contacted from laboratories and companies in the Boston area and beyond seeking motivated students for short and long-term assignments. Each week, the program sends out a weekly newsletter in which these postings are included.

Attend career fairs, career panels, and other employment-seeking events around campus. Throughout the year, BU hosts a number of different recruitment events for students to attend and speak with prospective employers.

Be proactive. Each year, some students send their resumes and CVs to organizations they are interested in seeking an internship position with, even if there is one not explicitly offered at the time.

SEARCH! The internet is your friend. BU’s Career Link is updated regularly with new jobs and internships. There is a countless number of organizations here in Boston, many of which will be of interest to most of our students. Do you research, do your homework, and feel free to ask us any questions along the way.

How to Increase Your Success Rate:

Know what you’re seeking. Many employers are interested in hiring students with a clear motivation or focus. Knowing how a specific internship or job relates your long-term interests is to your benefit.

Take advantage of BU. There are many programs and offices offered to you on campus.  The Center for Career Development is designed just for this purpose. In addition to posting available internships and jobs, they will also work with you on your resume and cover letters.

Start early. Most summer job applications should be sent early on in the Spring semester.

Assistance & Opportunities: