Neuroscience Update – April 6, 2018

Hello Neuroscience majors!

Here are some updates for you as we begin the last full month of the school year! To help you plan next semester’s courses, I’ve attached a course directory and graph of all neuroscience classes.

1) Volunteers needed for Neuroscience convocation (Sunday, May 20)

Freshman, sophomores, and juniors – If you will be in Boston, I am looking for 4-5 volunteers to help with the Neuroscience convocation on Sunday, May 20. If you’re available from about 8am-noon on that day, please let me know! I will also need at least 2 people to take photos throughout the ceremony.

As an incentive, you’ll get delicious free food at the convocation reception!

2) Volunteers needed for Open House (April 13 and April 20)

I briefly need one student volunteer on Friday, April 13 and Friday, April 14 from about 1:35-2:15pm. Please let me know if you’re available!

3) Full-time Research Technician position

Graduating seniors – Dr. Kathleen Kantak is seeking 2-3 talented undergraduate students graduating this May who are looking for employment as research technicians. She is working on 2 NIH projects related to drug addiction in rats. A suitable candidate is someone who has at least one year of experience working with rodents in behavioral assays and has been engaged in making pharmacological, molecular, or physiological measurements of some kind. Candidates are also expected to be quick to pick up on new procedures are should be attentive to numerous small details of an experiment.

Please contact Dr. Kantak directly ( to discuss the position before applying through the Human Resources website.

4) Advising & Registration

As a reminder, registration begins on April 15. Please make an appointment with your academic advisor to receive your code if you haven’t done so already.

Similar to last semester, there will be a central waitlist for the following courses:

NE 101 (Lecture)

NE 203 (Lecture and Lab)

NE 218 (Lecture)

NE 212 (Lecture)

NE 525 (Lecture)

NE 535 (Lecture)

You will only be allowed to complete the waitlist after your registration time has begun. If a class you’d like to be enrolled in fills up, please fill out the waitlist form instead of emailing the instructor of the course. Let me know if you have any questions.
5) Upcoming senior thesis defensesThirteen of our graduating seniors have been working tirelessly on their senior theses and will be defending them over the next few weeks. Come out and support our graduating seniors! Here are upcoming defenses:

Erin Ferguson: April 19th, 10a-11a; 64 Cummington, Rm 159
The association between lip-reading ability and neural correlates of face processing
Sara Simpson: April 23rd, 4p-5p; LSE 404
The Role of Acetylcholine in Spatio-temporal Plasticity
Madeline Ross: April 24th, 2:30p-3:30p; LSE 404
Astrocytes determine pathway of cell death induced by oxidative stress to neurons and oligodendrocytes
Anna Cruz: April 26th, 1p-2p; LSE 604
Optimization of immunohistochemical and biochemical methods for the investigation of RNA binding protein dysregulation in neurodegenerative diseases
Anna Marin: April 27th, 2:30p-3:30p; LSE 404
The impact of false memories on the quality of life of MCI and AD patients: An analysis of the patients, caregivers and clinicians’ perception on the symptoms of false memories

6) Graduation

Seniors, here are the same few tasks for you to complete as soon as possible.

  1. A) Indicate whether you will be walking. Use this formto indicate whether you will be attending the May 2018 neuroscienceconvocation and how many guests you expect to bring. We need to have an accurate list of all graduates who will be walking, so please complete this form right now (or as soon as possible).
  2. B) Submit a baby picture and current picture of yourself. At the neuro convocation, we like to do something special, for which we need a current and baby picture of yourself.  Use this formto submit your photosas soon as possible. So far we’ve only gotten 24 pictures, which means there are at least 50 of you who still need to submit. To avoid potential embarrassment, I recommend submitting those photos soon.


  1. C) Invite faculty members to the neuro convocation.If there is a faculty member who has made a difference in your undergraduate education or has been a mentor to you, please invite them to the neuroscience convocation. All faculty are welcome. Please let me know who you are inviting so I can maintain a list.

7) Important Upcoming Dates
April 15: Rising Seniors and Juniors Register for Fall 2018
April 16: Patriots’ Day Holiday, Classes Suspended
April 18 (Wednesday): Substitute Monday Schedule of Classes
April 22: Rising Sophomores Register for Fall 2018
May 2: Last Day of Classes
May 3-6: Finals Study Period
May 7-11: Finals Period
May 18-20: Commencement Weekend

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments/recommendations for these emails, please let me know hereHave a great weekend!

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