NEIDL Faculty

Boston University is committed to operating a safe and secure laboratory. Utilization of cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technologies, security, and audit systems, combined with recruitment of world-renowned experts in the fields of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, are integral components of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL).

In order to support its mission the NEIDL is organized as a Boston University Institute. As such, its faculty are drawn from a number of departments from several schools and colleges across the University’s two campuses.

Nahid Bhadelia

Nahid Bhadelia, MD, MA

Assistant Professor, Medicine in the Section of Infectious Diseases

Director, Infection Control

Research Interests: Infection control issues related to emerging pathogens
Tonya Colpitts

Tonya Colpitts, PhD

Assistant Professor, Microbiology

Research Interests: Virus/Flavivirus pathogenesis, virus-host-vector interactions, mosquito-human immune cross-talk, transmission-blocking vaccines
John H. Connor

John H. Connor, PhD

Associate Professor, Microbiology

Research Interests: Virus/Host interaction; viral domination of protein synthesis
Ronald B. Corley

Ronald B. Corley, PhD

Chair, Department of Microbiology

Director, National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories

Research Interests: Immune responses; the innate-adaptive interface
Nicholas Crossland

Nicholas Crossland, DVM, DACVP

Assistant Professor, Pathology

Research Interests: Comparative pathology and the use of animal models
Paul Duprex

Paul Duprex, PhD

Professor, Microbiology

Director, Cell and Tissue Imaging Core

Research Interests: Paramyxovirus pathogenesis, vaccine development and virus-cell interactions
Rachel Fearns

Rachel Fearns, PhD

Associate Professor, Microbiology

Research Interests: Control of respiratory syncytial virus RNA synthesis
Horacio Frydman

Horacio Frydman, PhD

Associate Professor, Biology

Research Interests: Host-microbe interactions at the molecular, cellular, and organismal level; mechanisms of bacterial transmission through stem-cell niche infection
James Galagan

James Galagan, PhD

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Microbiology

Research Interests: Mycobacterium tuberculosis regulatory networks
Tarik Haydar

Tarik Haydar, PhD

Associate Professor, Anatomy and Neurobiology

Research Interests: Mammalian brain development and function
Thomas B. Kepler

Thomas B. Kepler, PhD

Professor, Microbiology

Research Interests: Quantitative systems immunology; vaccine development
Gerald T. Keusch

Gerald T. Keusch, MD

Professor, Medicine and International Health

Associate Director, NEIDL

Director, Collaborative Research Core

Research Interests: Molecular pathogenesis of tropical infectious diseases
Bang-Bon Koo

Bang-Bon Koo, PhD

Assistant Professor, Anatomy & Neurobiology

Research Interests: Bio-Medical Imaging & Informatics
Igor Kramnik

Igor Kramnik, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Medicine

Director, Aerobiology Core

Research Interests: Genes controlling host resistance and susceptibility to tuberculosis
Elke Mühlberger

Elke Mühlberger, PhD

Associate Professor, Microbiology

Director, Biomolecule Production Core

Research Interests: Host response to filovirus infection
John Samuelson

John Samuelson, MD, PhD

Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology, BUGSDM

Professor, Microbiology

Research Interests: Biochemistry, cell biology, pathogenesis, and evolution of parasites