Specimen Processing Core

The Specimen Processing Core and its associated laboratory equipment and capabilities will support NEIDL investigators in the study of emerging infectious diseases, including NIAID Category A, B, and C agents.

Coordination with the Animal Cores (including Pathology/Necropsy) will ensure that specimens are processed immediately following collection and transported to the laboratory quickly and safely. The NEIDL has the ability to flash-freeze the specimens and autoclave them or treat with gamma radiation prior to transportation out of the BSL-4 area.

This core will include the following laboratories and equipment:

  • A microbiology laboratory equipped for classical non-molecular as well as state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics. This lab will complement the research and serve, if required, in the event of a national emergency.
  • A molecular biology laboratory for identifying the presence of select agents in tissue, cell culture, or environmental specimens.
  • A clinical chemistry laboratory using the Abaxis VetScan VS2 analyzer for routine analysis of samples obtained from control and experimental animals.
  • A hematology laboratory using the Beckman Coulter ACT10 and HEMAVET 950FS for routine analysis of blood cells from control and experimental animals.