Immunology Core

The Immunology Core will provide the infrastructure for characterizing innate and adaptive immune responses to infectious agents. It will also accommodate standardized testing of vaccine candidates, including biologics produced within the NEIDL’s Biological Molecule Production Core.

Under most circumstances, the Immunology Core will concentrate on analysis of specimens obtained from animals challenged with agents requiring BSL-3 or BSL-4 containment. To allow investigators to monitor both in vivo and in vitro immune responses, the core will provide four essential services:

  1. Basic cell enumeration and separation for human and animal cells using magnetic separation, and cell subset identification by flow cytometry in high containment
  2. Elucidation of cytokine profiles of responding cells by flow cytometry, and cytokine production in serum and in culture by BioPlex analysis
  3. Antibody assays by ELISA or ELISPOT for enumerating antibody-producing cells and neutralizing antibodies using automated plaque and colony-counting assays
  4. Consultation services and help in developing other immunological assays as needed by investigators in the NEIDL.