Clinical Research Core

The Clinical Research Core (CRC) design was based upon extensive experience with clinical research, including studies of the prevention and diagnosis of infectious diseases.

The fundamental goal of this core is to provide a dedicated location and trained staff for the network of researchers in the NEIDL, the Regional Centers of Excellence in Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Regional Biocontainment Laboratories, and the Galveston National Biocontainment Laboratory, as well as private entities doing sponsored research to fulfill the strategic plan of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The Clinical Research Core does not provide care for or research on patients with infectious diseases. It enables investigators to conduct approved studies on normal human volunteers. This core enables researchers to conduct studies of vaccines (Phase 1), lot consistency, novel immunogen delivery systems by various routes, candidate vaccine stability, pharmacokinetics of novel therapeutics, delivery of therapeutics through alternative routes (e.g., respiratory, oral, mucosal, transdermal), and Phase 1 safety trials of biologicals (e.g., therapeutic antibodies).