NEIDL Events

Date Event Speaker Location Host
12/17/14 In vitro and in vivo Approaches to Unraveling the Mechanisms for Replication and the Pathogenesis of Ebola and Marburg Viruses”


Hideki Ebihara, Ph.D.


NEIDL Elke Muhlberger
1/14/15 “Tolerance of polymicrobial infections of the lung: Innate Immune Response and the Microbiome” Amanda Jamieson, Ph.D.
Brown University
NEIDL Jerry Keusch
1/22/15 BioSafety Security Grand Rounds Steve Morash

Boston University

2/3/15 “Immune Recognition and restriction of Re-emerging Flaviviruses” Pathology/NEIDL Faculty Candidate
James Brien, Ph.D.

Washington University
School of Medicine
NEIDL Ronald Corley
3/18/15 “SARS and MERS Coronavirus: Mechanisms of Pathogenesis” Matthew Frieman, Ph.D.

University of Maryland
NEIDL Paul Duprex
4/15/15 “Flaviviral Host Factors: A Love-Hate Relationship” Mariano Garcia-Blanco, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Texas Medical Branch
NEIDL John Connor
8/10/15 “Subculturing influences exression of ACE2 and yeild of the progeny SARS-CoV”  Faculty Candidate

Tomislav Jelesijevic, PhD, VMD, MSUniversity of Georgia

8/12/15 “Animal Models of High Consequence Viral Pathogens: Focus on Ebola and MERS Virus” Faculty Candidate

Donna Perry, PhD, DVMNIAID/NIH Integrated Research Facility

9/16/15 “Ebola Virus Immunology: A Tale of Mice and Humans” Cesar Munoz-Fontela, Ph.D.

Heinrich Pette Institute
NEIDL Elke Mühlberger
9/30/15 “Ebola Virus Diagnostics in Sierra Leone” Emily Nelson & Judy Yen BUSM Instructional Building, L504
10/7/15 “Keeping up with the Neighborhood: Environmental Gene Regulation in M. tuberculosis” Kathleen A. McDonough, Ph.D.
New York State Department of Health
NEIDL Ron Corley
10/30/15 “Ebola, The Disease, and Immune Privilege” Ian Crozier, MD, Steven Yeh, MD, Louise M. Simpson, & BUSM Faculty
BUSM Instructional Building, Hiebert Lounge
11/4/15 “Henipaviruses: Not that Rare, Much more Diverse, Still too Dangerous?” Benhur Lee, M.D.
Mt. Sinai
NEIDL Paul Duprex
11/19/15 “Preparedness and Response to Ebola Virus Emergence” Gary Kobinger, Ph.DPublic Health Agency of Canada NEIDL Ron Corley
12/3/15 “Response to Rare Zoonotic Pathogens” Heinz Feldmann, M.D., Ph.DNIH/NIAID Rocky Mountain Laboratories NEIDL Ron Corley
1/13/16 “Transmission of Influenza Viruses at the Human-Animal Interface”
Richard Webby, Ph.D.St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
NEIDL Paul Duprex
2/22/16 “Computational Biology, Genomics, (Epi)Genetics, and Systems Approaches: Unlocking the Mysteries of Deadly Virus Diseases in the 21st Century” Michael Katze, Ph.D.

University of Washington

NEIDL Ron Corley
5/4/16 “Rabies Virus-based Vaccine Platform Against Emerging Infectious Diseases” Matthias Schnell, Ph.D.

Thomas Jefferson University

NEIDL Elke Muhlberger
5/18/16 “Immune Responses to Highly Pathogenic Viruses–Do They Help or Harm the Host?” Anita McElroy, M.D., Ph.D.

Emory University School of Medicine

NEIDL Ron Corley
6/3/16 “The Enigmatic Biology of Vector-borne Flaviviruses” Marshall Bloom, M.D.


NEIDL Elke Muhlberger
6/8/16 “Development of Animal models and countermeasures for emerging viruses.” Darryl Falzarano, Ph.D.

University of Saskatchewan

NEIDL Ron Corley
6/15/16 “Zika Virus Epidemic in Brazil: Present Situation and Perspectives” Pedro F C Vasconcelos, Ph.D.

Instituto Nacional de Ciencia e Technologia para Hemorrhagicas Virais
Belém-Pará, Brasil

NEIDL Horacio Frydman
6/16/16 “Detection of Emerging Disease in Wildlife and Domestic Animals” Faculty Candidate

Anibel Armien, DVM

College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

6/22/16 “Correlates of immunity to hemorrhagic fever viruses in humans and animal models.” Cesar Munoz-Fontela, Ph.D.

Heinrich Pette Institute

NEIDL Ron Corley
6/29/16 “Viral Pathogenesis and Transmission in the Mother-Infant Dyad: From Influenza to Zika” Alyson A. Kelvin, Ph.D.

Immune Diagnostics and Research

NEIDL Ron Corley
8/24/16 “μBRAIN: Redefining the BBB model” Tyrone Porter, Ph.D.

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Boston University

NEIDL Ron Corley
8/31/16 “Comparative Immunology of High-Consequence Zoonotic Viruses: Natural Reservoirs vs. Disease Models” Joseph B. Prescott, Ph.D.

Rocky Mountain Laboratories

NEIDL Ron Corley
9/6/16 “Evaluation of Aerosol Models of Nipah Virus Infection” Michael Holbrook, Ph.D.
Integrated Research Facility
NEIDL Ron Corley
9/8/16 “Field and Laboratory Investigations on Lassa virus” David Safronetz, Ph.D.
National Microbiology Laboratory
Public Health Agency of Canada
NEIDL Ron Corley
10/5/16 “Molecular Characterization of Clade-Defining Mutations from the 2013-2016 Ebola Virus Diseases Epidemic” Jeremy Luban, Ph.D.
University of Massachusetts Medical School
NEIDL Ron Corley
11/2/16 “Advanced Development of Filovirus Countermeasures yields insights into Viral Pathogenesis” Anthony Griffiths, Ph.D.
Texas Biomedical Research Institute
NEIDL Ron Corley & Paul Duprex
11/16/16 “Thoughts into the Origin of Microbial Virulence” Arturo Casadevall, M.D., Ph.D.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
NEIDL Igor Kramnik
11/18/16 “Humanized Mice to Study Viral Persistence and Pathogenesis” Estefania Rodriguez Burgos, Ph.D.
Heinrich Pette Institute
NEIDL Ron Corley
12/7/16 “Camelid VHH-based neutralizing agents (VNAs) as unconventional and versatile disease therapeutics” Charles Shoemaker, Ph.D.
Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
NEIDL John Samuelson
1/4/17 “Mechanisms of brain growth: How ZIKA may cause microcephaly and what we plan to do about it” Tarik F. Haydar

Associate Professor

Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology

NEIDL Ron Corley
2/15/17 “Ebola Virus Teaches Autophagy New Tricks” Robert Davey, Ph.D.
Texas Biomedical Research Institute
NEIDL Elke Muhlberger
3/8/17 “Coming from the blood: Unraveling the Mystery of
Zika Virus Dissemination”
Tony Wang, Ph.D.
SRI International
NEIDL Ron Corley and John Porco
3/13/17 “Delineating the role of the host and co-infections
in Ebola virus disease and its outcome”
Julian Hiscox, Ph.D.
University of Liverpools
NEIDL John Connor
4/12/17 TBA Kartik Chandran, Ph.D.
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
NEIDL Elke Muhlberger