Community Liaison Committee Guidelines

CLC Background

Boston University Medical Center (BUMC) has made an institutional commitment to community participation, education, and outreach in the activities and operations at the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL). Section VB of the Charter describes the Community Liaison Committee (CLC) and states:

“Community support for and confidence in The Institute are important to the success of its missions. Sharing of information on the activities conducted at the Institute and provision of advice from the community will be the primary function of the Community Liaison Committee. The Committee will consist of community members. These committee members will be appointed by the Director of the NEIDL.”

The CLC serves as an outreach and feedback mechanism to facilitate communication and information flow between the Institute and the community and to ensure transparency in the operations and activities at the NEIDL.

CLC Roles and Responsibilities of Members

  • Share and distribute information to the community about the projects and activities at the NEIDL;
  • Assist the NEIDL leadership to ensure effective communication and collaboration on programs and activities involving the NEIDL and the community;
  • Advise the NEIDL leadership on potential issues of concern involving the NEIDL and the community;

CLC Committee Structure

The CLC meets quarterly. Meeting topics are identified jointly by the CLC and BUMC. CLC meetings are staffed by representatives from BUMC. Staff coordinates meetings, agendas, and other administrative matters. Staff prepares minutes for review and subsequent distribution to the CLC.

Terms of Appointment

The CLC is comprised of seventeen committee members that are not employed by Boston University. Outreach efforts are made to have an ethnically, racially, and demographically diverse membership. These committee members are appointed by the Director of the NEIDL.

Committee Appointment

Solicitations for nominations to the CLC are through advertisements in community newspapers, posting on the NEIDL website, and electronic distribution to community mailing lists.


CLC members are volunteers and do not receive compensation.