The Community Liaison Committee

The governance structure for the NEIDL consists of several committees, including a thirteen member Community Liaison Committee (CLC), to promote public participation and transparency. CLC members provide outreach and feedback to facilitate communication and information flow between the NEIDL and the community. They play a vital role in ensuring transparency in the operations and activities at the NEIDL. Chosen through an open, self-nomination process, CLC members meet quarterly and serve on a volunteer basis.

The members of the CLC are:

  • David Opp, South End
  • Dolly Battle, Roxbury
  • J. Kevin Fisher, South End
  • James Eliscar, Dorchester
  • James Keeney, South End +
  • Jean Lee, South End
  • Joe Lillis, South End
  • Kenneth Nwosu, Dorchester
  • P.M. Scarlet Ford, Roxbury
  • Robert Francis, Milton
  • Robert Timmerman, South End +
  • Valerie Shelley, Roxbury
  • Vanessa Hackett, Dorchester

+ Community Member of the Institutional Biosafety Committee

Email us for more information on the CLC.

View minutes from meetings of the Community Liaison Committee.