Cultural/Regional Studies Requirement

All Navy and Nurse Option Midshipmen are required to complete a course that focuses on non-Western countries.

Boston University


CAS AN 317 Power and Society in the Middle East

CAS AN 319 Anthropology of Muslim Cultures and Politics

CAS AN 344 Modern Japanese Society: Family, School and Workplace

CAS AN 379 China: Tradition and Transition

CAS AN 548 Muslim Societies: An Interdisciplinary History

Art History

CAS AH 539 Muslim Societies: An Interdisciplinary History


CAS EC 369 Economic Development of Latin America


CAS GE382 Understanding the Middle East


CAS HI 237 Reconstructing the African Past

CAS HI 392 The History of Israel: An Introduction

CAS HI 446 The Russian Revolution

CAS HI 487 Continuity and Change in Late Imperial and Modern China

International Relations

CAS IR 242 Sociology of Developing Countries

CAS IR 364 The Politics of Post-Communist Russia

CAS IR 365 Rise of China

CAS IR 370 China: From Revolution to Reform

CAS IR 382 Understanding the Middle East

CAS IR 511 The Middle East Today

Political Science

CAS PO 351 China: From Revolution to Reform

CAS PO 352 Rise of China

CAS PO 371 Politics of Post-Communist Russia


CAS RN 375 Culture, Society and Religion in South Asia

CAS RN 539 Muslim Societies: An Interdisciplinary History


CAS SO 242 Sociology of Developing Countries

CAS SO 328 Contemporary South Asian Societies

Boston College

AADS 111 Introduction to African Diaspora Studies

ICPS 119 Islamic Civilization

HIST 415 Modern Iran

POLI 240 Politics of India: Challenges of Democracy and Development

POLI 242 Modern Iran

THEO 535 Israelis and Palestinians: Two Peoples, Three Faiths

Northeastern University

AFRS 3424 Epidemiology of Pandemic Diseases and Health Disparities in the African Diaspora

AFRS 4939 Community Health, Culture and Development in Kenya

CLTR 1502 Introduction to Arabic Culture

CLTR 1506 Introduction to Chinese Popular Culture

CLTR 1700 Introduction to Japanese Pop Culture

INTL 1160 Middle East Studies

INTL 2100 Politics of Health in International Development

HIST 1150 East Asian Studies

HIST 1185 Introduction to Middle East History

HIST 1250 Emergence of East Asia

HIST 1251 Modern East Asia

HIST 1254 Contemporary China

HIST 1256 Chinese Civilization in Her Eyes

HIST 1285 Introduction to Russian Civilization

HIST 1286 History of the Soviet Union

HIST 1290 Modern Middle East

HIST 1291 The Ottoman Empire (1300-1920)

HIST 1297 Reformers, Tribes, Saints: North Africa in World History, 1500-Present

HIST 2313 Gender and Revolution in Russian and China

HIST 2351 Modern Japan

HIST 2393 Islam and Empires

HIST 2395 Middle East in the Twentieth Century

HIST 3452 Global Chinese Migration

SOCL 1215 Society and Culture in Russia

American Military History or National Security Policy

All Navy and Marine Option students are required to complete one course in American Military History or National Security Policy

Boston University


CAS HI 280 Special Topics in American History

CAS HI 284 History of War

CAS HI 287 History of American Foreign Relations Since 1898

CAS HI 321 The American Revolution, 1750-1800

CAS HI 454 War and American Society, 1607-2001

International Relations

CAS IR 349 History of International Relations 1900-1945

CAS IR 376 American Foreign Policy Since 1945

CAS IR 521 Congress and National Security

Political Science

CAS PO 381 History of American Foreign Relations Since 1898

Boston College

HIST 2269 History of Terrorism

HIST 2475 American Presidency

HIST 4449 US 1929-1960

HIST 4495 US Foreign Policy

HIST 4845 Facing the Past in Post-World War II Europe

POLI 2512 Causes of War

POLI 2518 Liberalism, Nation Building & American Foreign Policy

POLI 2548 The World Wars

POLI 2549 United States Foreign Policy from 1945-2014