Nanomaterials and Nanostructure Optics (NaNO)

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The control of nanomaterials, structures and optical fields lies at the heart of the current nanotechnology revolution and offers unprecedented opportunities to engineer novel functional elements on the nanoscale. Dal Negro’s group research activities are focused on the nanofabrication, linear/nonlinear optical characterization and electromagnetic modeling of metal-dielectric nanomaterials and nanostructures for on-chip nanophotonics applications. In particular, we develop efficient nanoscale light sources and laser structures based on the cost-effective silicon technology and we study the behavior of optical fields confined in complex media such as fractals, quasi-crystals and more complex deterministic aperiodic systems. Our combined computational and experimental activities aim at advancing the fields of silicon photonics and nanoplasmonics by demonstrating novel concepts and device structures for on-chip optical sensing, light emission, energy conversion and thin-film solar cell technology.  
In particular, we fabricate semiconductor and optical bio-polymers nanostructures, metal nanoparticle arrays and we investigate their linear and nonlinear optical properties. In addition, using electron-beam nanolithography we design and fabricate large-scale, resonant arrays of nanoparticles and we study their photonic-plasmonic behavior in relation to light-matter coupling, nonlinear optical response and the engineering of multiple light scattering and radiative processes (light emission) on the nanoscale. Moreover, our experimental research activities are assisted by rigorous electrodynamical modeling of complex photonic media based on efficient analytical models and numerical approaches to multiple scattering theories. Dal Negro group presently-active research projects, and the respective funding agencies, are listed below: