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BU Wins $20M for NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center

Goal is personalized heart tissue for clinical use Boston University has won a $20 million, five-year award from the National Science Foundation(NSF) to create a multi-institution Nanosystems Engineering Research Center (ERC), with the goal of synthesizing personalized heart tissue for clinical use. The grant, which is renewable for a total of 10 years and $40 million, is designed […]

BUnano Professor Xue Han Develops New Method to Help with Treatment for Cancer and Brain Disease

Boston University researchers have developed a new method that traps drugs or other molecules in tiny cages made of DNA, then releases them once they’ve reached their target – tumor cells, for instance – with a quick flash of light.  “Basically it’s sort of a controlled drug release, and there wasn’t a very good approach [to […]