Doctoral Fellowships

BUnano Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships

Beginning in Fall 2016, the Boston University Nanotechnology Innovation Center (BUnano) will award up to ten Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships per year to outstanding Boston University doctoral students conducting independent research under the mentorship of nanoscience and nanotechnology researchers at BU.  Given the interdisciplinary nature of nanoscience, these fellowships are appropriate for doctoral students from a variety of scientific, medical, and engineering disciplines.

Translational Research in Biomaterials (TRB)

Translational Research in Biomaterials is an NIH-funded T32 training grant designed to teach young researchers how to translate their ideas from the laboratory to the clinic.

Cross-disciplinary Training in Nanotechnology for Cancer (XTNC)

The XTNC training program concluded August 2016.  For similar fellowship opportunities, please see BUnano Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships.