• Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships
    BUnano awards Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships to outstanding BU doctoral students conducting independent research under the mentorship of nanoscience and nanotechnology researchers. Another opportunity is the NIH Translational Research in Biomaterials doctoral training program, administered by BUnano.
  • MS Degree with Nanomedicine Focus
    Boston University offers a Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering with a Focus in Nanomedicine. This offers BME Master’s students a structured path for acquiring the  interdisciplinary knowledge and skill sets to advance and distinguish themselves in the emerging field of nanomedicine.
  • Undergraduate Concentration in Nanotechnology
    The Undergraduate Concentration in Nanotechnology increases students’ exposure to nanotechnology applications in biomedical, photonic, electronic, and atomic systems while maintaining their focus in their home departments.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Faculty Grants for Exploratory Research
    BUnano awards research grants to Boston University faculty teams to seed innovative and exciting new projects using nanotechnology to address major problems related to health, energy, materials, and environment.
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence
    “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” is a new program at BUnano. Dr. Jill Becker is the inaugural EiR. Dr. Becker is an accomplished entrepreneur and business woman who has successfully started a company (Cambridge NanoTech Inc ) grew its sales, and sold it to Ultratech Inc, a public semiconductor company. At BUnano she will catalyze the technology to venture process: advise and work with BU faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows interested in translating their technology to the marketplace. Currently, Jill is CEO and Founder of 02139 Inc., a consulting company with a heavy focus on accelerating growth, maximizing value and the creation of jobs in a variety of industries and translating innovations into tangible commercial success.
  • Cancer Care for Engineers and Scientists
    BUnano’s Cancer Care for Engineers and Scientists (CCES) conference was developed to educate scientists and engineers about key concepts in clinical cancer care, including current controversies and areas of need. The conference was held annually from 2010-2013.  Its goal was to provide a basis of knowledge to inspire scientists to work with cancer researchers and clinicians to advance our understanding of cancer and to develop diagnostic, therapeutic, and imaging tools.   Videos from past conferences are available here.