Professors John Ngo and Arturo Vegas Receive Career Development Awards

Professors John Ngo and Arturo Vegas received this year’s annual Career Development Professorships.  This award recognizes junior faculty who have been at BU less than two years and have been identified as emerging future leaders in their respective fields. Made possible by the support of donors, alumni, and BU’s Technology Development office, these professorships emphasize the caliber and potential of the University’s faculty. All awards are for three years, and go towards the recipients’ salaries and research and scholarly work.

John Ngo, an ENG assistant professor of biomedical engineering, earned the Reidy Family Career Development Professorship.  Ngo’s research applies principles of evolution, chemistry, and engineering to develop new tools for visualizing, measuring, and controlling biomolecules in cells and organisms. Currently, his lab studies how proteases—proteins that “chop up” other proteins—are used by cells to regulate gene expression in response to different biological signals.

The Peter Paul Professorship was awarded to Arturo Vegas, a CAS assistant professor of chemistry. Vegas uses his research in synthetic biology to develop novel chemical tools, materials, and approaches for targeting therapeutics to diseased tissues, with a focus on cancer and diabetes. Specifically, he says, his lab works to develop chemical technologies “that can serve as a guidance system for a therapeutic payload, delivering drugs to the cells in the body that have disease, while avoiding normal cells entirely.”

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