Boston University Learning Resource Network (LERNet)

  • Dates: Application information for Summer 2020 will be available soon.
  • Grade Level: Young women entering 10th or 11th grade at a school in greater Boston area in Fall 2020

Codebreakers is a program for young women who are currently either freshmen or sophomores in high school and who are interested in learning about computer security.

Undergraduate coordinators will teach participants about basic cyber security concepts through lessons in programming, cryptography, and network security. Students will learn to code in Python in order to later gain experience with programming games, ciphering, and looking at system vulnerabilities. Finally throughout the program, students will be encouraged analyze the role of cyberethics in technology.

During the program participants also will investigate exciting careers by visiting a local facility and hearing guest speakers from state, local and federal agencies and professionals. Lunch is included each day. There is no tuition, but a nonrefundable registration fee of $100 is required of all participants once accepted into the program. The program is located at the Boston University College of Arts & Sciences.

For more information and to apply, visit the Codebreakers website.