Course Descriptions

The official course description for every class offered by the department is available online. These course descriptions are linked in the University Class Schedule, and can be searched using the Course Description Search tool. For example, an ethnomusicology student looking to take additional coursework in anthropological theory could search for anthropology theory to see all courses whose descriptions contain these two terms.

Please note that a course number determines its applicability towards different degrees:

  • Course numbers from 0-99 do not count towards any degree requirements.
  • Course numbers from 100-499 count only towards undergraduate degree requirements.
  • Course numbers from 500-600 may count towards undergraduate or gradate degree requirements.
  • Graduate students in the Musicology and Ethnomusicology must enroll in 700- and 800-level courses for most of their degree requirements.

Course descriptions can also be searched using the BU iPhone app.