Budgeting (2012-2013)

Students in all graduate programs in Musicology and Ethnomusicology register for an average of 8 credits per semester. Once the mandatory coursework has been completed, students may register for continuing student status at a reduced fee.

All students should familiarize themselves with the Financial Assistance website and its resources.

Suggested Budget: 2012-2013 (Complete Academic Year)

Cost Expense Notes
$21,200 Annual Tuition Part-Time Registration: 8 credits/semester
$16,093* Room & Board Varies based on location*
$1,229** Books & Supplies Varies; includes budgeting for computer replacement and software
$1,990*** BU Health Insurance Mandatory for all Massachusetts students, unless covered by a pre-existing health plan
$210 George Sherman Union Fee Mandatory – $105/semester
$80 Registration Fee Mandatory – $40/semester
Total $40,802

* – Students seeking to economize on housing and other expenses are strongly encouraged to read the Graduate Student Survival Guide provided by SAGE and the GSO.

** – Students can save significantly on textbook and related expenses through prudent use of used books, interlibrary loan, local libraries, electronic media, and other resources. Most students are happy to loan books!

*** – Estimated. The exact cost will be announced during the summer of 2012.