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Keng Feng Pal May 2014 MS
M. Okamoto Pal May 2014 MS
Chun Yip Lam Andersson May 2014 Minor
Lu Quan Tan Saligrama May 2014 Minor
Wei Zhang Moustakas May 2014 PhD Development of Aluminum Gallium Nitride Based Optoelectronic Devices Operating in Deep UV
Yifan Zhu Pal 2014 January MEng
Zhongkai Xu Pal 2014 January MEng
Sanjay Sethuram Pal 2014 January MEng
Po-Yi Lee Pal 2014 January MEng
KhalilKhouri Nagem 2014 January Minor
Xiaofei Guan Pal 2013 September PhD Novel Process for Recycling Magnesium Alloy Employing Refining and Solid Oxide Membrane Electrolysis
Adam Moldawer Moustakas 2013 September PhD Growth of Polar and Non-polar Nitride Semiconductor Quasi-substrates by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy for the Development of Optoelectronic Devices by Molecular Beam Epitaxy Post-Doc, BU
Jacob Trevino Mohanty 2013 September PhD Engineering Aperiodical Spiral Order for Photonic-Plasmonic Device Applications Scientific Cleanroom Director, The City University of New York
Daniel Erickson Pal 2013 September MS Fabrication and Cost Analysis of Screen-Printed Electrodynamic Shields for Solar Applications
Ravi Heugle Vajda 2013 September MS A Crystallographic and Geometric Approach for the Computational Prediction of Conformational Epitopes
Shreyas Tanksale Pal 2013 September MEng Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Amanda Cardona Pal 2013 May MEng
Adrienne Drenckhahn Pal 2013 May MEng Systems/Communications Engineer, ISR LLC
Yuan-Yang Hsiao Pal 2013 May MEng Process Integration Engineer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)
Douglas Webster Stamenovic 2013 May Minor
Alexey Dynkin Gopalan 2013 May MS Effects of Strontium Doping on Oxygen Reduction Kinetics in Thin-Film LSCF Cathodes
Anny Hierro Doerrer 2013 May MS Characterization of Ricinoleic Acid Coated Spinel Nanoparticles and Microfabrication of a Four Point Device for Nanowire Electronic Conductivity Measurement
Jiakai Liu Lin 2013 May MS Computational Materials Design of Optical Bandgaps for Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell
Jarrod Milshtein Pal 2013 May MS Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Membrane Stability in Fluoride Melts for the Magnesium Som Process PhD student, MIT
Debangshu Mukherjee Basu 2013 May MS Structured Semiconductor Fibers for Mid-Infrared Transmission PhD student, The Pennsylvania State University
Serap Aksu Altug 2013 May PhD Development of Nanostencil Lithography And Its Applications for Plasmonics and Vibrational Biospectroscopy Post-Doc, EPFL
Jacob Davis Basu 2013 May PhD Surface Phase Emergence and Evolution of Solide Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode Materials
Ranxing Li Tsui 2013 May PhD The Influence of Interface and Solvent Quality on the Dynamics of Polymer Films Product Architect, Shell Oil Company
Jiapeng Xu Basu 2013 May PhD Stability of High Temperature Ceramics Under Corrosive Environments Senior Coatings Engineer, LiquiGlide, Inc.
Eric Gratz Gopalan 2013 January PhD Solid Oxide Membrane (SOM) Stability in Molten Ionic Flux for the Direct Electrolysis of Magnesium Oxide
Xiaofei Guan Pal 2013 January MS Continuing PhD student, BU MSE
Hokning Pang Klapperich 2013 January MS Technical Sales & Business Development, Saint-Gobain
Li Ranxing Tsui 2013 January MS Continuing PhD student, BU MSE
Wenchen Zhu Pal 2013 January MEng
Lina Zhou Pal 2013 January MEng
Chelsea Heveran Pal 2013 January MEng PhD student, University of Colorado, Boulder
Xin Chen Pal 2013 January MEng
Serap Aksu Altug 2012 September MS Continuing PhD student, BU MSE
Peter Girouard Vakili 2012 September MS PhD Student, Northwestern University
Chetarpa Yipyintum Pal 2012 May MEng Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University
Connor Mace Holt 2012 May Minor Exa Corporation, Burlington MA
Poornima Muralidhar Gopalan 2012 May MEng Product Engineer, St. Gobain
Jackson Chang Pal 2012 May MEng
Gultekin Tasdirek Sarin 2012 May MS Project Engineer, TPAO
Andre Botelho Lin 2012 May PhD Model Hamiltonian for Predicting the Bandgap of Conjugated Systems Post-doc, Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University
Stephen Topping Sarin 2012 January PhD Vapor Deposited Lu2o3:Eu3+ for X-ray Imaging Applications Process Development Engineer 3, Lam Research
Lincoln Miara Gopalan 2012 January PhD Kinetics of Oxygen Reduction in Perovskite Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: A Combined Modeling and Experimental Approach Engineer, Samsung Electronics
Yongwoo Shin Lin 2012 January PhD Modeling Energy and Charge Transports in Pi-Conjugated Systems Research Associate, Boston University
Chih-Lun Wang Pal 2012 January MS R&D Engineer, Kolyn Technology Corp.
Sijie Jia Gopalan 2012 January MS Research Analyst, Lux Research
Yihong Jiang Pal 2012 January MS PhD Student, BU, MSE
Katharine Bailey Basu 2012 January MS
Shou-Chia Hwang Gopalan 2012 January MS Engineer, Inotera Memories Inc.
Christopher Brooks Henderson Klapperich September 2011 MS Engineer, Cree
Wenjie Tu Basu September 2011 MS
Azatuhi Ayrlkyan Klapperich 2011 May MS PhD Student, Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences
Mustafa Al-Khabbaz Pal 2011 May MS PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, GA Tech
Karan Giri Yachot 2011 May Minor
Mary Rhoads Klapperich 2011 May MS Research Support Associate, MIT
Lauren Plavisch Pal 2011 January MS Researcher at CNR – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Alexander Gruentzig Klapperich/Sharon 2011 January MS Associate, A.T. Kearney
Sandra Allison Klapperich 2010 May MS Engineer, Abiomed
Soobhankar Pati Pal/Gopalan 2010 May PhD Electrochemical Characterization
of Solide Oxide Membrane (SOM)
Electrolyzer for Production of
High Purity Oxygen
Senior Research Engineer, MOxST
Peter Zink Pal/Gopalan 2010 January PhD Cathode Materials
for Low Temperature SOFCs
Research Assistant Professor and Lecturer, BU ME/MSE
Tushar Kulkarni Sarin 2010 January PhD Functionally Graded Mullite Coatings for Gas Turbines Post-doc, MIT
Michael Galbo Basu 2009 September MS Electrophoretic Deposition of Spinel Coating on Stainless Steel Interconnects for SOFC Applications
Haibing Wang Gopalan 2009 May PhD Composite, Thin-Film, Supported — MIEC Membranes for Hydrogen Generation and Separation Assistant Research Scientist, Arizona State University
Petros Sakkas Pal 2009 May MS PhD Sudent, National Technical University of Athens