MSE Colloquium Series – Spring 2010

April 30, 2010, Max Lagally, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Semiconductor Nanomembranes Flyer Abstract: Semiconductor nanomembranes, extremely thin (<10 to ~1000 nm), flexible, single-crystal sheets, promise considerable new science and technology. They are flexible, they are readily transferable... More

April 2, 2010, David Bour, Applied Materials, Inc.

Materials Challenges in Semiconductor Optoelectronics Flyer Abstract: High-performance semiconductor devices demand nearly perfect materials. Through optimization of materials and device design, many new applications are becoming enabled, including... More

March 26, 2010, Thomas Powers, Brown University

Mechanics of Swimming Microorganisms Flyer Abstract: At the small scale of a cell swimming in water, inertial effects are unimportant. Therefore, the motion of the fluid is governed... More

March 19, 2010, Otto J. Gregory, University of Rhode Island

Semiconducting Oxides for High Temperature Thermoelectric Applications Flyer Abstract: Oxide semiconductor materials have considerable potential for high temperature thermoelectric (TE) applications, e.g. utilizing heat from turbine engines... More

February 26, 2010, Richard M. Osgood Jr., Columbia University

Lifting-Off Single-Crystal Layers Flyer Abstract: Epitaxial growth of thin, fully crystalline films is a key step in many areas of advanced technology. But often developing new growth techniques... More

February 19, 2010, Steve Granick, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Fun and Profit with Soft Materials: Nanoparticles, Phospholipids, Polymers Flyer Abstract: Modern optical spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging open exciting new windows in engineering as well as science. This... More