MSE Colloquium Series – Fall 2008

December 5, 2008, Seung-Wuk Lee, University of California Berkeley

Making viruses work for us Abstract: A fundamental challenge in bio-nanoscience is to identify an active building block that can perform highly selective functions with remarkable precision... More

November 21, 2008, Ilhan A. Aksay, Princeton University

Biologically Inspired Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites Abstract: Biologically produced materials are multifunctional and have properties, e.g., sensing and actuation, self-replication, self-healing that we are yet to introduce into man-made... More

November 14, 2008, George M. Whitesides, Harvard University

Ionic Electrets and Contact Electrification Abstract: This talk will describe mechanistic investigations and applications of space-charge electrets fabricated by contact electrification, the mechanisms of which remain a... More

November 7, 2008, Eugene Stanley, Boston University

Liquid Water Dr. H. Eugene Stanley Director, Center for Polymer Studies, BU College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics Friday, 3PM 8 Saint Mary's Street, PHO 210

November 7, 2008, U. (Balu) Balachandran, Argonne National Laboratory

Development of Dense Membranes for Hydrogen Production and ... More

October 31, 2008, Efthimios Kaxiras, Harvard University

Multiscale Simulations Of Complex Materials For Engineering And Biological Applications Abstract: A variety of physical phenomena involve multiple spatial and temporal scales. ... More

October 24, 2008, Robert F. Davis, Carnegie Mellon University

Initial and Subsequent Modes of Growth AlN, GaN and ZnO Semiconductor Films Abstract: The III-Nitrides of AlN, GaN and InN, their solid solutions, and ZnO form... More

October 17, 2008, Sudipta Seal, University of Central Florida

Regenerative catalytic rare earth nanoparticles as therapeutics Abstract: We have merged nanoscale engineering with cell biology to potentially intervene in a common biomedical pathology, ranging from... More

October 17, 2008, Newell R. Washburn, Carnegie Mellon University

Design Principles for Cytokine-Regulating Biomaterials Abstract: In regenerative medicine, biological or biomimetic materials are engineered to replicate the functions of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and promote tissue... More