BME PhD Prospectus Defense - John Giese

10:00 am on Thursday, September 12, 2013
8 Saint Mary's St, Room PHO 940
Title: "Modulated Phase Imaging and Extended Depth-of-Field with Oblique Back-Illumination Microscopy"

Prof. Darren Robyler
Prof. Jerome Mertz (Advisor, Chair)
Prof. Shyam Erramilli
Prof. Tom Bifano

Phase contrast imaging is useful for looking at unlabeled non-absorbing samples. All current phase imaging techniques require thin samples and a trans-illumination geometry. Oblique Back illumination Microscopy (OBM) is an exciting new phase imaging technique developed in our lab that works with thick samples in a reflection geometry. For my thesis I will advance OBM's capabilities on two fronts. First, I will develop a new form of OBM with extended depth-of-field that can easily be adjusted while imaging. Second, I will develop a new form of OBM that can provide high speed (~1 MHz) modulated phase contrast with a standard CCD camera. We plan on using this technique to investigate ultrasound-induced phase contrast and photothermally-induced phase contrast.