PhD Qualifying Exam

The MSE subject qualifying examination will cover the core courses listed in the College of Engineering Graduate Bulletin. The examination will be offered each year in January and, as needed, in May.

The exam consists of two parts, written and oral. The pass/fail decision will be based on the student’s performance in both parts. Depending on the performance, students will be placed in one of the three following categories: Pass, Re-take, or, Fail. Students in the Re-take category will get one more chance to pass the exam the next time it is offered. Students who fail the exam will be withdrawn from the Ph.D. program. Such students can request to retake the exam through a petition endorsed by the research advisor to the Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Committee within 30 days of receiving exam results. The Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Committee will evaluate the petition in consultation with the Area Exam Committee.

Prior Five Exams

January 2015 MSE Qualifying Exam

May 2014 MSE Qualifying Exam

May 2013 MSE Qualifying Exam

January 2013 MSE Qualifying Exam

May 2012 MSE Qualifying Exam