PhD Math Requirement

All PhD students are required to fulfill the Math Requirement no later than the end of their fourth academic semester. The list of courses will be reviewed periodically by the MSE Graduate Committee.

Math Requirement for post-BS students:

Complete with grade B+ or better one of:

  1. ENG ME 512 Engineering Analysis
    Fourier transformations, PDEs, Complex variables, Variational and perturbation methods
  2. ENG EK 501 Mathematical Methods I
    Fourier transformations, Linear algebra, Vector analysis, Complex variables, Algorithms
  3. ENG MS/EC 574 Physics of Semiconductor Materials
    ODEs, Fourier series and Fourier transformations, PDEs, Functional spaces
  4. ENG MS 508 Computation Methods in Materials Science
    ODEs, Fourier transformations, PDEs, Linear algebra, Complex variables, Probability and statistics, Algorithms, Optimization, Functional spaces
  5. ENG MS/ME 527 Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing
    ODEs, Vector analysis, PDEs, Linear algebra, Complex variables

Math Requirement for post-MS students:

  1. Post BS requirement (above) or
  2. Submit evidence of successful completion B+ or better of equivalent course as determined by the MSE Graduate Committee.